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Established March 2003

I haven't always been a Beauty Therapist!  I started my career working within a number of customer services industries, but never really felt like I had found my vocation. Growing up, I always wanted to be a Beauty Therapist but this wasn't deemed a 'proper job' then.

A great friend encouraged me to follow my dream when I was made redundant in 1999, saying that all I ever talked about was wanting to do something in Beauty!  I trained at Reading College, graduating after two years with a Beauty Specialist Diploma, and decided to train a further year in Swedish Body Massage. Whilst studying, I made sure I practised as much as possible on anyone who'd allow me to, so that by the time I was ready to launch my business, I already had a good following and my skill set was well grounded. Building my brand was tough but exciting in such a competitive field, and I was determined.  My clients have always been paramount to the success of the business and so long as they're getting the service and treatments they deserve and enjoy, everyone is happy.

Now, years later, my business has happily evolved. I always enjoyed waxing the most and decided to specialise in this area, attending further courses to advance my skills. My core business is now waxing, with manicure, pedicure, eyelash/eyebrow tinting, lash lift and tint treatments to add variety.  I make it my mission to use only quality products that give superb results, always.

I continue to run Beauty Basics from home, where I feel I can offer my VIP's the most personal attention and look to meet, if not exceed, their expectations. I simply want to offer a first class service, using quality products and provide my clients - existing and future - with a place they feel at ease, comfortable and happy. I continue to develop my skills to ensure I maintain service levels and offer my clients new treatments where possible. 


International Health and Beauty Council (IHBC) Complete Beauty Specialist Diploma (31 July 2003)

  • Wax Depilation/Manicure/Pedicure/Lash & Brow Treatments Unit Certification (31 August 2002)


Axiom Wax Academy: Female Intimate Wax and Advanced Waxing Techniques (23 April 2015)

Axiom Wax Academy: Male Intimate Wax and Advanced Waxing Techniques (27 April 2016)

Axiom Wax Academy: Advanced Face and Body Waxing for Men (27 April 2016)

International Health and Beauty Council (IHBC) Level 3 Certificate in Swedish Massage (31 May 2004)

(IHBC) Level 3 Certificate in Thermal Auricular Therapy (Hopi Ear Candling) (31 October 2004)

BodynSoul Training Academy - Lash Lifting (13 Sept 2013)

Celo Advanced Beauty & Training - Brow Lamination (20 January 2021)

Jennxink Brow Mapping (24 March 2021)

Barbicide Covid-19 Certificate (10 May 2020)

Centre of Excellence: How to be a Super Learner Diploma - Distinction (4 June 2020)

Essential Nail Professional Diploma (27 January 2021)

IBX Webinar Training with Linda Nordstrom (CEO Famous Names) (4th March 2024)

CND Shellac Recertification (May 2023 and March 2024)

CND Plexigel Certification (July 2022)

CND Plexigel Recertification (March 2024)

Lecente Create Gel Conversion Certificate (19 September 2021)

Lecente Create 101 Workshop (14 January 2021)

Lecente Builder (Natural  Nail) Workshop (18 January 2021)

Lecente Perfect Prep Workshop (20 January 2021)

The Usui Natural Healing System (Reiki) First Degree (19 May 2007)

The Usui Natural Healing System (Reiki) Second Degree (9 November 2007)

Southern Beauty Training Academy - Indian Head Massage (15 July 2008)

Studex Ear Piercing (28 November 2002)

This is the front door, showing accessibility and to ensure you are at the right  location
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