Using Ashmira Botanica - an exquisite waxing range packed full of botanical ingredients from Mother Nature; chosen for the exceptional moisturising, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Every product in the range is composed with a base of 3 natural oils and butters; ARGAN OIL, HAZEL-SEED OIL and CAPUACU BUTTER (related to cacao) which help to repair, protect and nourish the skin after hair removal.  For more information, please view the Products page to see the products that are used and/or the Waxing Advice page for exactly that!


Aftercare products are available to purchase in the salon and listed in the Products page, where relevant.

Waxing for Men

Frequently Asked Questions

Nostrils  £12

Ears  £12


Eyebrows  £14


Cheekbones  £10


Full arm (both arms including hands and fingers)  £32

Underarms  £18

Full leg (both legs, including feet and toes  £32

Upper leg (both legs)  £23

Lower leg (both legs including feet and toes)  £25

Feet and toes  £13

Full back and shoulders  £30

Chest/stomach  £30

Nape of the neck  £12

Buttocks (cheeks and crack)  £34

Groin (penis, scrotum and pubic triangle)  £44

Brazilian (buttocks and groin)  £72

Full Body (no Brazilian)     £135

Full Body (including Brazilian)     £210

Do I need to do anything before my appointment?

Yes! Take a look at the Waxing Advice page for more details.

Why are men getting waxed?

Waxing is becoming very popular. Body-conscious sportsmen, cyclists, runners and many men generally are enjoying the feel of hair free skin. Most of my clients are 30 plus, successful, heterosexual men, some with families who don't necessarily discuss their grooming preferences with their mates, which is a shame! Most men would say they wax for aesthetic reasons, but those having brazilians will wax predominantly for hygiene reasons, not necessarily to enhance their love-life!

It's going to hurt, right?

I can't say it won't be uncomfortable but I can reassure you it isn't painful. You do become accustomed to the process which puts you at ease and after, you forget all about it because the results are so great. Pain score when asked usually sits at around 6/10!

What if I get aroused during a Brazilian wax treatment?

Firstly, don't worry - it happens, most likely with the first treatment. Rest assured, once the waxing starts, it'll pass pretty swiftly! 

Please be aware, this is a professional hair removal service. Any inappropriate behaviour will result in the treatment being stopped and you will be asked to leave.  All incidents are reported to the police.

How long will I be hair free for and how often should I have it done?

You will probably have very little growth for the first 3 weeks, unless you have previously shaved. To get a perfectly smooth finish will take 3-4 wax sessions after shaving. Most men will book in every 6-8 weeks as this falls in line with the hair growth cycle.

I have allergies  / sensitive skin.  Can I have a wax?

If you have skin sensitivities or allergies, it's probably a good idea to have a patch test to make sure the wax doesn't cause any issues. 

If you have any form of contagious skin conditions, sunburn, chafed or broken skin, I will be unable to wax the affected area until it has cleared up.  Skin treated with steroid creams, retinoid acne creams or Roaccutane will need to wait for 3-6 months after the completing their medication.